Surizon Technologies

Surizon delivers actionable outcomes from analysis of your data.

A mobile network in the Philippines with over 30 million customers gained market share over its competitors in 12 straight quarters by deploying one of the solutions we offer.

Our clients understand their users to a level previously unimaginable. They use this understanding to engage with their customers, turning them into the greatest asset a network can have – loyal users who promote the service to colleagues, family and friends.

Our clients get greater insight into their business and their network. They use the actionable outcomes we deliver to reduce costs and increase margins. They see their data presented in ways they never imagined. They see their data combined with new data that clarifies and answers the biggest questions and challenges they face.

Our clients manage the performance of their network assets and business processes with increasing efficiency and profitability. They manage and understand performance data and network alarms in ways that improve service availability and customer experience.

If you have data and you want to understand it, want to act on it, and want to profit from it, then you should talk to Surizon.

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Intelligent dataSurizon Intelligent Data turns your telecommunications network and commercial data into valuable information for informed decision making and new insights that drive higher profitability and growth for your business.
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Cognitive analyticsLINK uses cognitive self-learning and real-time execution to deliver unprecedented customer engagement. One operator increased market share 12 straight quarters with this solution.

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