Surizon Technologies

For nine special years Surizon provided software and engineering services to the mobile industry. Now the mobile and technology company, MTN, has taken on the work we have so enjoyed performing within our Industry. They will take the baton on from here. We hope and believe that our Customers will find themselves in capable and caring hands.

We would like to thank our Customers for the years during which they entrusted us with their important data requirements. We wish them every success in the future and thank them for playing such a big part in our lives and in the Surizon story.

We are proud of the value our team delivered across the African continent, the Middle East and into Asia Pacific.

Surizon is now involved in the development of new technology that we hope will play a significant, and positive, role in the future of human communications. We look to the future with great excitement and we hope that our Customers, partner companies and friends will be sharing the next stage of the journey with us.

Thanks and best wishes,

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